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Shown in the picture are (from left to right): captain Mihajlo Babic, Prince Tomislav Karadjordjevic, Peso Dobric and Duke Momcilo Djujic. The picture was taken after the war.
Duke Momcilo Djujic and Duke Dobrosav Jevdjevic in front of the gate of the St.Sava monastery in Libertiville, Illinois.

Shown in the picture are (from left to right) American General Donald Smith, Duke Momcilo Djujic and Richard Felman (one of the American pilots saved by General Mihailovic) .

Blessing of the bells for the St. Sava monastery in Libertiville, IL. Shown in the picture are Duke Djujic, Dusan Ilic and Dako Opacic.

Hotel "Ravna Gora" in London is owned and operated by The Movement of Serbian Chetniks Ravne Gore.

Followers of General Mihailovic gathered around his monument in Adelaide, Australia.