Duke Djujic with his bodyguards at the scouting point

Part of the Protective battalion of the Dinara Chetnik Division(DCD) with its commander Jandrija(laying), behind him are Bjelotomic, Duke Djujic's bodyguard and Mirko Kuruc,commander of the protective squadron,both kneeling

Chetniks from the First brigade of the Bosnia core.

Fighters of DCD from the village of Popine.
Fighters and commanders from the village of Crne Vlasti from Upper Lika.

Fighters from the Romljan squadron.

Fighters from the village of Plavno in 1944.Shown in the picture are(from left to right)Ilija Stojakovic, Milos-Milic Torbica, Jovo Bursac and Milenko Torbica.
Duke Djujic receives the blessing from His Holiness Patriarch Gavrilo Dozic in Slovenia, 1945.

Fighters of DCD in the Eboli camp in Italy

Duke Momcilo Djujic, commander of the Dinara Chetnik Division.

(from left to right) David Damjanovic, the commander of the Golubic Battalion, today one of the vice presidents of our movement and the chief editor of the Serbia newspaper with reverend(then just a soldier in the Dinara Chetnik Division) Bozom Dragicevicem during the Second World War.

Officers of the Dinara Chetnik Division together with their commander duke Djujic in the first months of 1945. in Slovenia.

Duke Momcilo Djujic with bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic in Slovenia in during 1945.

Duke Fighters from the village of Srb, among them is Stevo Radjenovic(standing in the middle with a civilian hat). Before the war Stevo Radjenovic was a member of the parliament and during the war he was an advisor to duke Djujic. In the front(laying) are chetnik commanders Petar Djilas and Pero Rajak (both died in exile after the war).

Duke Djujic with his body guard Petar Trivan and the commmander of the Gavrilo Princip core, Milan Cvjeticanin, watch over the weaponry handed over to the allies in Italy in 1945.

MDuke Djujic and Duke Bacevic resting by the river Krka during the war.

Part of the DCD under the command of Petar Rajak.

Duke Djujic giving a speech to the gathered people in 1944.